And then there was wine…

And then there was wine…
We know everyone loves us for our super sushi and awesome food. That is a good enough excuse to keep coming back…
We realized though that to accompany our awesome food we need some awesome wine. The South African wine industry is booming at the moment with accolades streaming in from all over the world.
We teamed up with Certified Sommelier and wine judge Spencer Fondaumiere, who knows a thing or two about what’s what in the wine trade and came up with a new and exciting wine list.
He feels great local wine should be enjoyed by locals and restaurants shouldn’t price the good juice out of reach of the average diner. To that end we have worked very hard at keeping the prices fair while showcasing some interesting exciting new stars and old firm favorites.
Even better we got him to pair every wine with the dishes that work best with them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t try your own pairings. There are after all, no wrong answers with food and wine.
We hope you enjoy our new wine list.

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